U.S. Coast Guard Credentials

Endorsements & Renewals

Endorsements and renewals

U.S. Coast Guard Credentials to Foreign Endorsements

Bahamas, Liberia, Marshall Islands, Panama, and Vanuatu

Martin International has established a working relationship with the Bahamas, Liberia, Marshall Islands, Panama, and Vanuatu consulates to assist personnel who work on rigs and vessels that fly the flags of these countries.

Foreign nationals seeking original Bahamas, Liberia, Marshall Islands, Panama, and Vanuatu licenses and documents may obtain these by taking our U. S. Coast Guard approved courses and then applying for the appropriate license through Martin International.

Martin International will assist in completing the entire process including:

  • Application paperwork
  • Physical examinations
  • Passport photographs
  • Fees needed to obtain foreign licenses

The conversion process may take place while the applicant is attending one of our training courses. This results in considerable savings for the sponsoring company. The applicant obtains both his U.S. Coast Guard license or document and his foreign license or booklet at the same time.

Please contact Martin International Monday through Friday for assistance with the conversion process.

Call now to schedule an appointment: 866-652-3087

License & Document

U.S. Coast Guard credentials are issued for five-year terms after which they expire. Upon expiration of the license or document, a one-year grace period is allowed for renewal purposes only. During the one-year grace period, the license or document is not valid to work under but may be renewed without having to take the full U.S. Coast Guard examination.

Merchant Mariner Credentials

Martin International will assist with completing a U.S. Coast Guard application, and if needed:

  • Take passport photographs
  • Obtain the physical examination
  • Drug test

We will review documentation to ensure accuracy and:

  • Assemble a package to submit to the U.S. Coast Guard Regional Examination Center
  • Track the status of the renewal
  • Assist with any issues that may arise with the Coast Guard

Call Martin International Monday through Friday to learn more about the renewal process.